(Sciurus carolinensis)

A squirrel problem may cause damage by chewing and gnawing pipework causing flooding and electrical fire.

Scurrying and foot noises are often heard in lofts and attics but can also be found in many southerly sited British gardens, trees and sheds. A squirrel, being an omnivore, will be lively throughout the day, will gnaw and eat actively on seeds, nuts and insects and will also eat food scraps and rubbish.

Habitat: many sheltered places, including trees, garages, sheds, lofts and attics.

Breeding: a squirrel is a hoarder of food, who will store food during the autumn months, preparing for breeding during December and February and March and May, producing up to 8 young, will breed twice yearly, with a gestation period of 6-7 weeks. A squirrel may live for 8-9 years.

Control and trapping of squirrels is managed by PB Pest Control & Management and for further details of a solution to a squirrel problem, please contact us for an appointment. All proofing solutions to prevent infestation in loft spaces will be provided in a written report after treatment.

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