Bed Bug
(Cimex lectularius)

If you have a bed bug problem, often noticing bite marks to the body and legs, a bed bug infestation is probably the reason.

Treatment for bed bug problems is carried out by PB Pest Control & Management. After an inspection, the best possible treatment will be advised for your infestation and treatment carried out.

Habitat: will probably be found in bedroom furniture, including wardrobes, mattresses (in and around seams and buttons), chest of drawers, pictures, window sills, skirting boards, under the edges of peeling wallpaper, the seams of fabric and many other small places.

Breeding: egg to adult occurs in 9-18 weeks, depending on heat and food conditions. 2-4 generations are possible in one year and can survive for one year without food at low temperatures.

Bed bug 1 - Bed Bug Problem